Soul Spring: 5 Steps to New Growth

father-son-planting-seedlingThe circle of seasons brings us, once again, to a time of rebirth.  What are the conditions that support new growth?  In the garden, the steps are to weed, enrich the soil, plant, water and wait.  In our personal and professional lives the process is generally the same even when it varies according to individual circumstances.  To weed is to release old habits and patterns.  To enrich the soil is to raise the vibration of our energy by consciously choosing gratitude, love and well-being even in the midst of challenging circumstances.  To plant is to set an intention for what we want to bring to life.  To water is to take actions that bring the intention into form.  To wait is to allow the Universe to co-create with us.  In the words of the German poet, Goethe:

. . . the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

Looking more deeply at these steps, we see how they overlap and interact.  Sometimes all of the steps occur at the same time, but in different areas of our lives.  For example, you might be weeding friendships, enriching your home, planting new projects at work, taking actions to improve your health (the watering stage) and waiting for clarity about how to move forward in your primary relationship.  Other times, a major life change forces a concentrated focus on a single area of concern.  For example you may need to figure out how to live with the death of a loved one, a divorce, the consequences of a natural disaster, a debilitating medical condition or the overwhelm of caring for aging or disabled loved ones.  In these cases, the steps interweave and circle back on each other.  Releasing old patterns and habits raises the vibrational rate of our energy.  Standing in gratitude loosens the grip of former perspectives and ways of being.  Paying attention to thoughts and emotions and maintaining a high-frequency focus on gratitude and well-being make it easier to hear the whisperings of the soul and clarify the intention.  Setting intention and taking action signal the Universe that we have committed ourselves.  This sets the period of waiting into motion.  The waiting stage requires that we remain free from attachment about how things happen or how they turn-out, freeing the Universe to bring forth an outcome that is even greater than we could have imagined.father and son with tree

Whether you are birthing something in your own life or witnessing the death and rebirth of world governments, systems or organizations, it can be helpful to identify the current stage in order to understand what is needed to continue growing.  For instance, if you have been carrying out actions, then reviewing these questions can remind you that it may be time to pause and allow the effort you have taken to work.  You might ask yourself:

Is this the weeding stage?  Are old ways breaking down or falling away?

Is this the enriching the soil stage?  Are additional factors needed to support and fuel the

process of growth and change?

Is this the planting stage?  Have I/we clearly identified what I/we want to bring to life?

Is this the watering stage?  Do I/we need to make a decision or take an action?

Is this the waiting stage?  Will pushing or striving create resistance or rigidity?

The answers to these questions can direct your next steps.  And of course, once the seed reaches maturity and blooms or ripens as fruit, harvesting is the stage that nourishes the self, family and friends, the community and the world.   Give thanks.  Enjoy the riches and share the bounty!  In this way, we build the energy that fuels the next growth cycle.

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healer, teacher, spiritual counselor, artist, writer, musician
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