Perceiving and Caring for the Aura

Have you ever had an experience in which your day was flowing smoothly and you were feeling simultaneously alert and at ease and then something unexpected occurred and you suddenly felt deflated?  Or perhaps, after interacting with another person, you felt scrambled.  Or an event may have drained you and you could not seem to regain your typical energy level.  It is likely that the unpleasant surprise caused your aura to collapse like a deflated balloon.  deflated balloonsAnd during the interaction with the other person, your auric field may have picked up her energy.  Finally, certain circumstances create leaks or tears in the aura and your energy drains like a sieve.  All of these conditions make your energy field weak and vulnerable.  And since the various aspects of self are interconnected, a weakened aura affects physical vitality, emotional well-being and the ability to think clearly.

If you are curious about learning more, this blog post describes the purpose and qualities of the aura.  It offers exercises to help you begin to perceive this aspect of your energetic body.  Finally, it identifies some of the ways damage occurs and it presents resources for strengthening and clearing your auric field.

Healers such as Barbara Brennan[i], Cyndi Dale[ii] and Donna Eden[iii] agree that the aura is an energy field that protects and contains us.  It surrounds our physical form and allows an exchange of energy and information between the outside world and the inside of the body.  The auric field consists of twelve bands, each with its own frequency and color.  Every band partners with a chakra.  Figure 1 shows the seven layers of the auric field that relate to the seven major chakras associated with the body.  The eighth through twelfth layers expand beyond these levels.

Figure 1. Layers of the Auric Field

Layers of the Auric FieldWhen you first begin to have an awareness of your aura, you must rely on information from people who see energy.  However, with practice, you can expand your awareness and perceive your own auric field.  In the book, Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan offers exercises to begin seeing and feeling auras.  To see the aura of a tree, lie on your back on a sunny day and gaze at the blue sky surrounding a tree.  Relax and let your eyes soften so that the tree goes slightly out of focus.  As you continue to look, you will begin to notice a band of light that extends beyond the edges of the leaves.  Then hold your hand up so it is outlined by the blue sky.  Once again, let your eyes soften and continue to look at your hand until you notice a band of light that extends beyond the edges of your fingers.

To feel your aura, hold your palms about two to five inches apart.  Slowly move your hands, stretching the distance between them so that they are farther from each other, then closer together.  Do this several times.  Pay attention to any sensations that arise.  Next, cup and move your hands as if you are building and compressing a snowball.  Pause and look for feelings in the palm of your hands.  Once again, pull your hands apart from each other, then slowly bring them back together until you feel a slight pressure against your hands.  You have touched one of the edges of your aura.

A wide range of disturbances interfere with the healthy function of the aura.  Trauma, medical procedures, physical injury and other events may cause leaks or tears.  Drug or alcohol abuse, environmental pollutants, stuck emotions and rigid beliefs cause congestion that is similar to slow moving traffic.  As a result, toxic energies accumulate.  Unexpected events, major disappointments, violence and other circumstances collapse the aura and cause stagnation or a feeling of compression.  When other people’s energies mingle with our own we may feel weighed down or overwhelmed.

It is possible to counter each of these disturbances.  The aura can be strengthened, cleaned, repaired, expanded, massaged, smoothed and fluffed.  Heart Healing Art Center provides these services and offers instruction so that you can make these adjustments to your own auric field.  For more information visit the website at

In addition, Donna Eden’s website provides weekly tips for caring for your energy.  The following link connects to a one minute demonstration of how to strengthen your aura.

For a description of how to clear other people’s energy from your auric field, check out this four minute video posted by the author and spiritual teacher Marnie McDermott.

Next time you feel your energy deflate, scramble or drain remember that tools are available to reestablish equilibrium, vitality and well-being.  Care for your aura so that it can protect you!


Deflated Balloon image courtesy of deposit photos.

Figure 1 image courtesy of

[i] Brennan, B. (1988). Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. New York: Bantam Books.

[ii] Dale, C. (2009). The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. Boulder, Colorado: Sounds True.

[iii] Eden, D. (1998). Energy Medicine. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam.

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