Come to the Water: A Meditation to Quench Your Thirst for Well-Being

creek upstreamWhat qualities and experiences quench your thirst for well-being?  Recently, I facilitated a mindfulness training that focused, in part, on consciously choosing the energies we want to experience.  It is possible to select a state of being and direct your attention to it rather than wallowing in an experience, not knowing how to create your preferred response.  For example, before the workshop began, I noticed that I was feeling anxious.  I mindfully witnessed that emotion.  Then I asked myself what I would prefer.  I realized that I would rather feel excitement.  Knowing that anxiety and excitement share similar characteristics, I felt certain that I could successfully make this shift.  I directed my attention to the possibilities for growth and connection that the workshop could bring and the anxiety shifted to excitement.  As a result, I activated a much more comfortable and effective mindset for the presentation.

Today’s post is an adaptation of the closing reflection that I led for the participants of that workshop.  It is designed to amplify qualities that you want to increase in your relationships and projects, such as ease, balance and joy or clarity, effectiveness and playfulness or any other experiences that would quench your thirst for well-being.  To do the meditation, you might consider recording yourself reading the following steps.  Then you can listen to the recording and allow yourself to fully engage in the process.  As an alternative, you might read the entire meditation, breathe yourself into a quiet, reflective state and then let your heart guide you.  You cannot do it wrong.  The following steps are simply guideposts to help you develop your own roadmap.

Come to the Water Meditation

Choose three qualities that you wish to expand, strengthen and weave through your life.

Set these words aside knowing you will return to them later.

Think of a pleasing experience you have had with water.

Remember the details of that experience: sights, sounds, tastes, smells and the feelings on or in your body.  What was the season?  What colors were present?  How was the light?

Hold your attention on the details of the experience and call forth the feelings you had at that time.  As you inhale, allow the feelings to flow through your entire body.  As you exhale, relax into the feelings.  Each time you inhale, turn up the volume on your feelings.  Each time you exhale, relax and allow your body to experience the feelings even more strongly.  You might notice an inner expansion or a smile in your heart.  Perhaps you notice nothing at all.  There is no one right response.

Continue to focus on the feelings and let the memory of the water experience fall away.

Maintain your focus on the feelings and allow the three qualities that you identified in step one to float to you like leaves on the surface of a stream.

Picture yourself forming these qualities into a triangle.

Bring the triangle into your energy field.  Again, there is no one right way to do this.  You might place the triangle at the base of your aura, like a platform to support you.  You could place it in a chakra or above your head like an antenna to draw these qualities to you.  Do whatever seems right for you.

Breathe deeply and be pleased with yourself, knowing that you have strengthened the energy of these qualities in your energetic field.

Anchor the process and bring yourself to a sense of completion by taking three smooth breaths and continuing to feel pleased with yourself.

In the next few days and weeks, pay attention.  When you notice one of your chosen qualities, validate yourself.  That which we give attention to grows.  Repeat this meditation as often as you like.  When you strengthen qualities you wish to experience in your life, you quench your thirst for well-being.


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2 Responses to Come to the Water: A Meditation to Quench Your Thirst for Well-Being

  1. LeAnne Moss says:

    Love this, Cathy. Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. says:

    Beautiful and so well written. I love this. I am also sending this on to Ann. Thanks, Cathy.

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