Song of Creation: A Children’s Tale

My gift to you this holiday season is a fable that I wrote to delight the child in your heart.  May you receive it with the wonder and joy of childhood.

This tale begins long ago, before the era of time, in the realm from which all creation is born.  The sovereign caretakers of this empire are a playful magician and a powerful priestess.  Their daughter, Amore, is a curious, creative and happy child.  Her laughter bubbles like the brooks that dance throughout this glorious land.

Amore loves beauty in all its forms.  Each morning, she bathes in streams of light that paint the sky.  She perfumes herself with the pungent, spicy and sweet fragrances that waft from the grasses, trees and flowers.  Then she braids her heart with ribbons of sound from the choirs of insects and animals.  Finally, she adorns herself in a rainbow of colors that mirrors the radiance of the Universe.

One day as Amore wove whispers of waves and sighs of sprites into the beats of her heart she wondered how she might imitate their playful harmonies.  She imagined an instrument whose sounds would sparkle like sunlight on dew.  Amore gathered crystals, gems and stones.  She shattered the rocks, placed the treasured shards in a long, glass tube and sealed the ends of the cylinder.  When Amore tilted or twirled the tube, the colorful fragments tumbled into each other.  They tinkled and chimed and the delicate sounds mesmerized Amore.  The glistening stones tickled her imagination and their gentle murmurs warmed her heart.  She called her invention a vibralux because of its pleasing pulsations of shimmering sound and colored light.

Amore played her vibralux every day.  She learned to tip the tube at a sharp angle to create the crashing waves of an angry storm.  She whirled the instrument to imitate the whine of a worried wind.  With gentle shaking, she replicated the contented sigh of a leaf caressed by a breeze.  Amore skillfully mimicked Nature’s melodies and over time she realized that these refrains were more than mere tunes.  They were the language of Creation.

Amore shared her insight with her parents.  They confirmed her discovery and told her more.  They said that now that Amore could communicate with Creation, she had the power to expand the world.  They told her that as she converses with the Cosmos, her ideas come into form and bring forth even more of Creation.

Amore was delighted to imagine that she could partner with Creation.  She wrote love songs.  She composed music for mourning.  She designed sounds to accompany every emotion.  And she found that her parents were right.  As the frequencies of her vibralux oscillated outward, Creation expanded to embrace the beauty of her handiwork.   In fact, it is the music of Amore’s vibralux that fuels our expanding Universe.  She plays all the time.  As she plays, light, color and sound swell outward in ever-larger circles.  The tones flow through all that is and Creation responds by appreciating and calling forth more.  Sometimes the tumbling stones sound the birth of a healthy child.  Sometimes the sharp tones accent the pain of losing a loved one.  Sometimes fragments rub against each other and grate like an abrasive co-worker.  Always, Amore plays the melodies of our lives.  Always, our souls are shaped by and echo the tones resonating from Amore’s vibralux at the center of All That Is.

May 2017 be a year in which your soul partners with Creation to expand the sense of delight, wonder and joy on our planet.

About catherine grytting

healer, teacher, spiritual counselor, artist, writer, musician
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3 Responses to Song of Creation: A Children’s Tale

  1. Jill Kremer says:

    Hi Cathy, Thank you for the wonderful tale. Its was very poignant!

  2. Cathy,
    Thank you for this lovely story.
    -Mary P

  3. Timothy Malone says:

    I love the tender gentle, yet powerful story of continuing creation … in which we can “play” our part in by writing songs, stories & being a voice of Light and Love. Shall we?! :)

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