Bringing the Dream to Life: Setting an Intention

Last month, when I wrote about the creative process, I indicated that it involves five steps:

Setting an intention

Focusing your attention on your intention

Letting go of control and allowing the process to unfold

Receiving what the Universe brings and

Giving thanks

Continuing that focus, today’s post explores the details of setting an intention.  This step involves:

Identifying thoughts and emotions related to the desired outcome

Strengthening attitudes, beliefs and feelings that are aligned with your vision and

Adjusting or eliminating incongruent ideas and sentiments

It is necessary to examine your thoughts and emotions because they generate an electromagnetic field that influences the experience you wish to create.  Thoughts are electrical (think of the electroencephalogram that measures electrical impulses in the brain).   Emotions are magnetic (consider the electromagnetic energy generated by the heart).  Together, they produce an electromagnetic field in your energetic system.  Thinking strengthens electrical energy.  Activating strong emotions and combining them with your thoughts increases the force of the electromagnetic field.  Over time, the field increases in density until your desired experience comes to life.

Attitudes, beliefs and feelings always generate an electromagnetic field.  When we hold ideas and emotions that are aligned with the desired outcome, they create a stable, coherent field that supports our intentions.  When we activate thoughts and feelings that are incongruent with the desired outcome, some energies cancel each other while others combine to create extremes that introduce a distortion or wobble in the field.  This disturbance interferes with our intentions.

For example, it is my intention to support my clients as they more fully embody their wholeness.  If I hold thoughts of being incapable or unworthy, my energy vibrates with an energy signature of limitation that restricts my ability to provide effective support.  These conditions prevent the vision from coming into form.  Even when the sense of unworthiness lies outside of my conscious awareness, it continues to reverberate in my field and influence my work with clients.

As another example, if I recognize past successes yet maintain a low-level feeling of being incapable or unworthy, this combination of thoughts and feelings introduces a different energy signature.  Now, rather than limiting my capacity to create my desire, the dissonance between past success and underlying unworthiness creates a wobble in my creation.  Like a vase spinning unevenly on a pottery wheel, my healing practice will be unbalanced, inconsistent and unstable.  I must align my desire, thoughts, feelings and actions to maintain the conditions needed to bring my dream to life.

The process of setting an intention is the foundation for bringing your dreams to life.  The essential ingredient is a strong coherence between the intention and your thoughts and emotions.  If you want assistance clarifying your thoughts and emotions, strengthening the ones that align with your intention and adjusting or eliminating incongruent beliefs and feelings, email me at

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1 Response to Bringing the Dream to Life: Setting an Intention

  1. Jill Kremer says:

    Thank you for clarifying the intention process, I’m working with it in my composing.

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