The Creative Process: Focusing Attention on Your Intention

Since January 2017, I have been exploring creativity by writing a book review, presenting an overview of the creative process and offering ideas to consider when setting an intention.  Today’s post explores the importance of focusing your attention on the intention.

Attention acts like a magnet that draws the energy of the intention to you.  Maintaining attention builds energy that brings the non-physical energetic template of the intention into physical form.  Factors related to holding attention on the intention include:

  • your vibrational frequency as you direct your attention
  • the constancy of your focus and
  • your ability to maintain balance

The vibrational frequency refers to the emotional and mental state you experience as you focus your attention.  Vibrational frequency has already been discussed in the March 26, 2017 post related to the thoughts and feelings experienced when setting the intention.  Vibrational frequency also influences the quality of your attention.  For example, when I feel lack based on the knowing that I want something I do not have, this emotion becomes a magnet that attracts more lack.  An alternate response is to choose joy, understanding that achieving my desire will enhance my joy.  This distinction may sound challenging or inconsequential.  However, from an energetic viewpoint, lack is like barren ground compared to the fertile soil of joy.

In addition to addressing the emotional state, it is important to maintain high-frequency thoughts.  These include ideas such as abundance, appreciation, balance, beauty, capability, compassion, cooperation, creativity, ease, fairness, harmony, laughter, oneness, open-heartedness, peace, playfulness, radiance, reverence for all life, self-empowerment, self-expression, sharing, spiritual development, understanding and vitality to name a few.  In his “Fundamental Tools,” Jim Self, the founder of Mastering Alchemy recommends establishing a foundation of certain, capable, senior, happy, gracious, and commanding as a platform for maintaining a stable, high-frequency vibrational state.[i]  Adopt his words or select your own to activate thought patterns that energize the quality of your attention.

In addition to setting a high vibrational frequency, you must also maintain constant attention on your intention.  This involves steadiness of attention as well as steadfast openness to receive.  Variables that interrupt attention include doubt, contradictory or controlling input from others, distractibility, multiple interests that dilute your focus and your own inner critic.  When you notice interrupting influences, return your attention to your intention.

Elements that interfere with the capacity to receive are feelings such as fear or unworthiness and mistaken beliefs such as feeling fundamentally flawed, thinking that success means you must leave others behind or believing that success is a burden.  Steadfast openness to receive draws your intention to you just as gravity draws raindrops from a mountain top to the sea.  Gay Hendricks, in his book The Big Leap, describes ways to unravel and move beyond many of the elements that interfere with your capacity to receive.[ii]

Finally, it is important to maintain balance while holding attention on the intention.  Just as golf requires a balanced swing to avoid a hook or slice, balance helps us reach the target of the desired outcome.  One way to achieve balance is to maintain equilibrium between action and stillness/allowing.  Allowing will be described in more detail in the May blog post titled, “Creating: Receiving What the Universe Brings.”

There is no formula for maintaining attention on the intention.  Instead we must constantly observe our feelings, thoughts and attention points.  When needed, we must adjust these factors to maintain alignment with our desired outcome.   If you want assistance creating with precision, joy and confidence, email me at

[i] Self, J.  Fundamental Tools 9. Words. Mastering Alchemy.

[ii] Hendricks, G.  (2010).  The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.  New York: Harper Collins.

Magnifying glass image courtesy of Gerla Brakkee at

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