The Creative Process: Receiving What the Universe Brings

To grow, flowers need sunshine and rain.  To grow our creations, we must cultivate a blend of desirable and seemingly less desirable components.  If we think of sunshine as seeing our intentions come to life, we must also expect downpours of unexpected outcomes.  This is because the act of setting an intention activates a stream of energy that connects present reality with the desired outcome.  Between these endpoints, additional currents enter the flow.  The new streams generate turbulence as they increase the amount of energy.  They also cause disruption as they shift the direction of the flow.  Before they come to life, some of the points between the present and desired realities lie outside of awareness.  We often perceive these unexpected experiences as an endpoint rather than a step along the way.  Turbulence, disruption and unanticipated stepping stones feel like rain on our creations. They often cause us to mistakenly conclude that our desire is beyond our capacity to create. 

When we receive what the Universe brings, the rain of unintended outcomes assists the growth of our creation.  This assistance occurs because

  1. Receiving sustains the flow of energy and
  2. The unexpected outcomes provide feedback about the creative process

In terms of energy flow, when many of us experience an unexpected or unpleasant incident, the first impulse is to resist that circumstance.  However, resistance restricts the flow of energy.  Successful creating requires a strong, consistent energetic stream.  A constricted flow produces a weak, unstable or distorted outcome.  Like martial artists who know how to absorb an opponent’s energy and use it for personal gain, we want to receive what the Universe brings.  Allowing unintended outcomes, free from resistance, permits the consistent stream required for precision in the art of creating.

In addition to supporting the steady flow of energy, a second benefit of receiving what the Universe brings is that unexpected outcomes provide valuable feedback.  They help us refine the intention and they spotlight for us how we are holding our attention.  For example, I work with a client who set an intention to improve her health.  She started a fitness program and altered her diet.  She set a goal to lose 30 pounds.  Every time she lost 10 or 15 pounds, she got excited about her progress and felt confident she would meet her goal.  Unfortunately, situations arose that set her back to her starting weight.  She injured her back and could not exercise.  Her employer assigned new responsibilities that included travel and it was difficult to maintain healthy eating habits when away from home.  Eighteen months passed and she was back at her starting weight.  However, as she looked more closely at her intention, she realized that, despite her weight, the fitness program had improved her health by increasing her strength and stamina.  At the same time, the unexpected outcome of constantly returning to her starting weight helped her refine her intention, specifically targeting her weight.  It also revealed where and how she was focusing her attention.  She was concentrating on the past by thinking of times when she had lost and regained weight.  She was also creating from a platform of worry/failure by believing that this oscillation would always be her relationship with her weight.  Knowing that we create what we focus on, she returned her awareness to the present, released this old belief and replaced it with the awareness that she is capable, tenacious and attractive.  She and I will pay attention to what comes into form with this refined intention and updated perspective.  The new feedback will inform the next spiral of her creative process.

Like the rain that makes flowers grow, turbulence, disruptions and unrecognized stepping stones are an integral part of the creative process.  Eventually a new reality emerges and the energy flows smoothly until ripples of growth reveal that the next creative cycle is underway.

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