Autumn Equinox: Finding Balance in the Changing Seasons

Vintage Balance Scale Today is the Autumn Equinox. This annual event offers an opportunity to think about balance, growing darkness and Earthly influences. On the Equinox, balance occurs between daylight and darkness.  During the following six months, growing darkness expands to the shortest day of the year and then turns to lengthening light before equalizing, once again.

Our lives also cycle through experiences and their seeming opposite. For example, we split our time between play and work.  Solitude alternates with companionship and rest alternates with activity. With the hectic pace of our modern world it can be extremely difficult to maintain a sense of balance.

When we can simultaneously hold an awareness of both poles of seeming opposites, we stand in the point of Oneness that underlies all creation.  This additional viewpoint, often called the witnessing self, shifts our perspective from the duality that mimics a teeter-totter to a triangle which is a much more stable platform for relating with the world.

In addition, the Autumn Equinox reminds us that we are creatures of the Earth and her cycles affect us.  As flowers go dormant and trees lose their leaves we are invited into a time of quiet.  When seasons change, weather patterns destabilize.  In people, instability may reveal itself as distraction, impatience, anger or unpredictability.  It can be helpful to accept and relax into the instability, knowing it will pass when a new season establishes itself.  We can also use this period of instability to establish new patterns because changes occur more easily when instability loosens the hold of the current state.

How might your soul reflect the influences of the Autumn Equinox? The following questions provide a starting point for an inner dialogue to nurture the yearnings of your deepest self.

Where in your life do you notice space for quiet reflection?

What (if anything) is out of balance?

How does the transition from summer to fall and then winter affect the different aspects of your being, such as your body, emotions, thoughts and spirit?

How does this transition affect the different aspects of your life, such as your work, recreation, relationships and care for yourself?

What is one way you can use this season to align with your soul’s desires?

May the power of the growing darkness enrich your life and your soul.




About catherine grytting

healer, teacher, spiritual counselor, artist, writer, musician
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