Current Events Call for Balance and Stability

Look around.  The events of the last several months have caused chaos, fear, anxiety and suffering.  Since August, three major hurricanes have blown through Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico, leaving flooding, destruction and desolation in their wake.  In September, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook central Mexico, toppling buildings and killing more than 200 people.  On October 1, a shooter, firing from a Las Vegas balcony, killed 58 concert-goers and injured 546 more.  Since October 8, fifteen fires blazing in California have killed at least 42 people and damaged or destroyed more than 5900 structures.  Since October 15, more than 4.7 million people posted the phrase #MeToo on social media, revealing the sexual harassment, abuse and rape borne by women around the world.

How do these events affect you?  There are many ways to answer this question.  I would like to explore the energetic impact.  To comprehend that effect, it is necessary to understand how energetic fields influence us.

Every person has an energetic signature that broadcasts 24 hours per day.  When people in close proximity to each other experience similar emotions, their energies interact and generate a stronger, cumulative energetic field.   For example, when you enter a room in which one person has been fuming about a problem or situation, it is likely that you can sense that something is wrong, even when that person says nothing about their circumstance.  If you enter a room where two people have been arguing, their combined feelings will generate a stronger energetic field of emotion.

Now imagine the suffering of the millions of people recovering from hurricanes.  Think about the fear activated by nearly 9 million people in Mexico City when the Earth shook.  Consider the confusion and terror experienced by thousands of country music fans in Las Vegas.  Imagine the tremendous sense of loss felt by the residents of California.  Notice the pain of millions of women subjected to sexual harassment, abuse and rape.

When a large number of people feel similar emotions at the same time, their strong feelings create an energetic field that flows outward like waves emanating from a rock thrown into a body of water.  Those waves expand until, eventually, they wash over you.

Perhaps you have been feeling stronger emotions than you would expect from your current circumstances.  Some of my clients have noticed waves of anger.  Others have said they are unusually anxious.  Many have expressed deep sadness.

Since few of us see energy, many of us are unaware of or discount its impact.  However, if you were standing in the ocean as six-foot waves pummeled you, it would require resilience and stamina to maintain your balance and stability.  Although emotional energy is less dense than water, it still disturbs us.  The disturbance is very powerful when it arises from the anguish of millions of people.  World events affect us even when we are far removed from them.

How are you caring for yourself in this time of chaos, fear, anxiety and suffering?

The Scream by Edvard Munch from

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