Light Shining in the Darkness

This time of year is sacred in many cultures, religions and wisdom traditions.  People throughout the world are turning their attention to family, friends, sharing, peace, love and joy.  Keeping this in mind, today’s post builds on the concept described last month about countering chaos with coherence.  The emotions of sharing, peacefulness, love and joy are feelings that activate heart/mind coherence in our individual energy systems.  Each one of us becomes like a candle radiating the light of positive feelings.

When two or more people in close proximity focus their attention on similar emotions, they strengthen those energies in each of their electromagnetic fields.  As millions of people around the planet maintain a similar focus at this time of year, we become like millions of points of light shining in the winter darkness.  Our combined energies create an electromagnetic field that activates positive emotions in others.

Researchers at the Heart/Math Institute have studied this phenomenon, which is called “Social Coherence.”  The Heart/Math Institute reports that we feed the electromagnetic field with our emotions and this is a season when many people are feeding the field with uplifting feelings.  To learn more, click on the following link and watch a four-minute video by the HeartMath Institute titled “What is Social Coherence?”


May 2018 be a year in which you shine your light in peace, love and joy.

About catherine grytting

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