Being a Creator: Emotions, Serendipity and Shifting Energy

What does it mean to be a creator?  It means being one who brings something into being.  We think of creators as people who work with a medium such as images, sound or ideas.  What if our own lives are the primary thing that we are to bring into existence while living on this planet?  If this is the meaning of life, then we are all creators.  Today’s blog expands on earlier posts about the role of emotions in bringing our dreams to life.  It also explores the concepts of serendipity and shifting energy as they relate to creating our experiences.


Abigail Brenner, an author and psychiatrist, writes “E~motions of Change = Energy in Motion.” [i]  From an energetic perspective, all emotions are energy (E) in motion (E+motion).  In other words, our feelings are the power that generates our creations.  Their movement carries our intentions from the arena of ideas to the realm of experience.  The quality of the carrier emotion influences the nature of the outcome.  Chaotic emotions such as fear, doubt, anger and shame, for example, infuse disturbances that distort and disrupt our desires.  Therefore, it is essential that we fashion our lives with sentiments such as love, gratitude, joy or excitement.  We MUST pay attention to what is motivating us and shift the perspective when we notice fear or doubt.

Recently, I realized that I was making a fear-based decision.  I am planning a celebration for my niece’s upcoming wedding.  After experiencing two power outages, I know that I do not want to risk losing power during the party.  I decided to change the location.  When I recognized that I was acting on the fear of losing power, I shifted my focus to what I desire.  I want to host a smooth, warm, happy celebration and we need electricity for warmth and smooth operations.  While the decision to change the location remains the same, the feelings that fuel my choice provide a very different energy for the party.


Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.[ii]  Creators live in a flow that encourages serendipity.  The other day, I received an email that clearly demonstrates this concept.  I take an online course through Mastering Alchemy and a colleague wrote:

I raise livestock. Today I had just finished putting out new salt blocks for the larger animals but I still had 3 pens of goats and only 1 small block left. I set it on the front of the All Terrain Vehicle, and while driving carefully on my way over, I thought to myself if I should try to saw it into three pieces. No I will just alternate it between pens until I get more, but that is more work and it would sure be nice if it were in 3 pieces. Just then it fell off and hit the ground and broke into 3 pieces, just the right size for each pen. I started laughing and thought how cool is that?

Shifting Energy

Creators understand that when we don’t like something, we have the capacity to shift the energy and change our experience.  As an example, a short time ago, I was caught in a “death-grip” conversation.  I thought to myself, “This is not what I want.  I prefer to contribute to the discussion.”  Because I was so uncomfortable, I repeated this statement to myself three times.  Suddenly, the other person stopped ranting and made a heart-filled statement about how he is affected by the topic he was discussing.  He paused as his feelings flowed through him and I was able to respond from my heart.  This two-sentence interaction shifted the energy between us and shortly after that we were laughing and engaging in a balanced give-and-take.  I successfully noticed a situation I did not like and transformed it simply by focusing my attention on what I wished to experience.  As my colleague from Mastering Alchemy said, “How cool is that?”

The more capable we become at directing our thoughts and managing our emotions, the greater our capacity to stimulate serendipity, shift energy and influence our experiences.  May 2018 be a year in which you create with ease, precision and joy!

“The Artist’s Tools” oil painting by M. Naples; Google.

[i] Brenner, A. (2011). E~motions of Change = Energy in Motion. Psychology Today. In Flux.

[ii] Google Dictionary. (no date provided). Serendipity.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.12.864.6..0i131k1j0i67k1j0i20i264k1j0i3k1.119.nwDUIgb-LfE

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