Keep Your Energy Flowing This Fall

I recently read the fictional mystery Maise Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear, in which Maise’s mentor advised that when Dobbs reports her findings to a client, it is best to “[k]eep the person moving, in the way that an artist keeps the oil moving when he is painting.  Don’t give them a chance to dry up, don’t allow the client to shut you out.” (p. 51)

As an energy healer, I resonate with the image of keeping someone (or something) moving, like oil on canvas, to prevent drying up and shutting out.  Inspired by this quote, today’s blog offers reflections about keeping your energy moving to prevent the physical body from drying up.  This post begins with a description of the drying or vata energy associated with fall.  Then it illustrates the value of including an energetic perspective when focusing on the body.  Finally, it discusses a Daily Routine developed by the internationally recognized leader of Energy Medicine, Donna Eden.

Fall: The Season of Vata

Vata is a concept found in Ayurvedic medicine.  It is characterized by properties of dryness, cold and movement.  Because autumn is dry, cool and windy (creating erratic movement), fall is considered a vata season.  During this time of year there is a natural tendency for our organs, joints, skin and other aspects of the body to dry out.  Keeping energy flowing helps counter this tendency.

The Value of an Energetic Perspective

It can be very beneficial to include an energetic perspective in our care of the body.  For example, I have a client who injured herself in a skiing accident five years ago.  Although she did not break any bones, she suffered tissue, muscle and ligament damage.  Unfortunately, she continued to experience pain long after her body repaired the physical damage.

Knowing that energy practices support the physical dimension, I found a way to assist my client.  Donn Eden teaches that, in response to long-term pain, the brain and body can develop an energetic habit in which pain signals continue to fire in the brain even when the stimulus has been removed.[i]  In other words, a person continues to hurt even after the body heals.  Working at an energetic level and using techniques developed by Eden, I eliminated my client’s discomfort by interrupting the energetic habit of pain.  Then I re-established the pattern of energy flow that is associated with health and well-being.  In this case, focusing on the energetic dimension provided an extremely effective approach for supporting the body.

The Physical Body

From an energetic perspective, the body’s basic needs are for energy to:

  • Flow in the correct direction
  • Cross over the central axis (moving from left to right and from right to left) and
  • Have the space it needs to flow freely

Eden has developed a Daily Routine that takes approximately 5 minutes and keeps the body’s energy flowing like oil on canvas.  While there are many ways to keep your energy flowing, Eden’s Daily Routine consists of seven short exercises specifically designed to get energy flowing in the correct direction, crossing over and creating space for it to flow freely.

Beginners respond to Eden’s Daily Routine with a variety of experiences ranging from feeling nothing at all to reporting that the body feels tingly or more alive after doing the Daily Routine.  Overtime, people generally notice a decrease in minor aches and pain and an increase in the amount of energy available for their daily activities.

To see Eden teaching the Daily Routine, go to

Although the video is 11 minutes, once the sequence becomes familiar, most people can complete it in about 5 minutes.

Like an artist moving oil on canvas, this fall you can keep your energy from drying out by engaging in a daily practice such as Eden’s Daily Routine.

[i] Eden. D. (1998.) Energy Medicine. New York: Tarcher/Putnam.


Image credit: Autumn Bridge by Rybson courtesy of


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3 Responses to Keep Your Energy Flowing This Fall

  1. Thank you for the reminder to keep the energy flowing through the fall! it’s still so warm here it feels like summer. During the cold months is when I feel the flagging energy the most. Getting started now may be just what I need.

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