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Everyday Mindfulness – A Book Review

Everyday Mindfulness: 108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life By Melissa Steginus Granger, IN: TKC Publishing.Com  2020 242 pages Meditation is vital because “it helps us to know ourselves. . . . The reason that people harm … Continue reading

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Solstice: The Dawning of a New Cycle

The Winter Solstice on Friday, December 21 represents the turning point in the sun’s journey from the shortening to the lengthening of daylight hours.  In the days leading to and following the Winter Solstice, we have the opportunity to connect … Continue reading

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Keep Your Energy Flowing with Sound

Today’s blog examines how sound influences energy flow. It provides an overview of sound, describes the influence of sound on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies and introduces the healing properties of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Continue reading

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Keep Your Energy Flowing in Relationships

In September I focused on the concept of keeping energy moving, like oil on canvas, as I introduced Donna Eden’s Daily Routine to support the physical body.  Today I am expanding this perspective by exploring energy flow within relationships.  I … Continue reading

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Keep Your Energy Flowing This Fall

Bring awareness to the subtle energies of the body so that you, like an artist moving oil on a canvas, can keep the flow of your energy from drying out. Continue reading

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Setting Intentions for a New Beginning

Happy New Year!  Although the end of August may seem like an odd time for this proclamation, after 33 years of teaching, my inner rhythms match the academic calendar.  So September feels like a fresh start as I shift my … Continue reading

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Whose Voice is That? Practices to Hear Your Soul

Let’s play a listening game!  Pause for a minute and pay attention to your immediate surroundings.  Generally, the most distinctive and loudest clicks and roars dominate.  Ignore the most noticeable noises and listen more deeply to find quiet and subtle … Continue reading

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Whose Voice Is That? Identifying the Source of Your Thoughts

I miss these quiet cues when I am operating in my head rather than my heart. Continue reading

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Whose Voice Is That? Differentiating Between Society and Soul

How do you tell the difference between the song of the soul and the thoughts that echo societal messages?  Frequently, the soul murmurs to the heart while communication from the collective reverberates through the mind.  Over time, societal messages take … Continue reading

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Stopping the Train of Your Thoughts

How often are you able to quiet your mind and access the silence that arises when thoughts cease?  This state of mental emptiness provides many benefits.  In this post I will highlight three opportunities associated with inner tranquility: The ability … Continue reading

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