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Bringing the Dream to Life: Setting an Intention

Last month, when I wrote about the creative process, I indicated that it involves five steps: Setting an intention Focusing your attention on your intention Letting go of control and allowing the process to unfold Receiving what the Universe brings … Continue reading

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Song of Creation: A Children’s Tale

My gift to you this holiday season is a fable that I wrote to delight the child in your heart.  May you receive it with the wonder and joy of childhood. This tale begins long ago, before the era of … Continue reading

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Responding to the Election: Be the Change You Wish to See

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States, fear and anger saturate the hearts of many people, world-wide.  A Trump presidency threatens Muslims, Jewish people, refugees, immigrants, African-Americans, people living with disabilities, individuals who rely on social services, … Continue reading

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Presence: The Gift of a Quiet Mind

How often is your awareness fully engaged in the present moment?  When I was asked that question I was surprised to realize that my mind frequently drifts to the past or future.  In my work as a spiritual director, healer … Continue reading

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Ocean of Emotion: Maintaining Serenity Amid Waves of Fear

Like waves in the ocean, currents of anxiety combine with frustration, grief and worry and crest in larger and larger swells of fear and anger that wash over everyone on the planet. How do we maintain emotional stability when we are constantly pummeled by this ocean of emotion? Continue reading

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Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood: Which Path Do You Choose?

When you are faced with a major decision, how do you choose?  In our world of duality and polarity, society judges choices as good and bad, healthy and unhealthy or beneficial and detrimental.  In addition, friends and family frequently think … Continue reading

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Oneness: Seeing Beyond Separation

The Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, once used the metaphor of baked goods to describe Oneness.  He suggested that the baker knows that every cookie in the batch comes from the same batter.  But each cookie does not recognize the … Continue reading

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Taking Charge of Your State of Mind: A Process to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy

How frequently do you feel stressed or overloaded?  What if you could interrupt your stress response and give your body, mind and emotions a mini-vacation?  There is a simple process that takes fewer than five minutes and provides the opportunity … Continue reading

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Growing Your Soul: Questions to Uncover Intentions for 2016

Winter is a time when nature rests.  Trees drop their leaves.  Animals hibernate.  Plants go dormant.  In contrast, humanity maintains the same hurried pace throughout the year.  The season of slowing invites us to pause, reassess life circumstances and adjust … Continue reading

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Making a Difference: How Do You Choose?

I recently saw the Seattle Repertory Theater’s production of “Come From Away.” This new musical play revisits September 11, 2001 from the perspective of the passengers on the 38 planes directed away from American airspace and the citizens of the … Continue reading

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