The Creative Process: Focusing Attention on Your Intention

Since January 2017, I have been exploring creativity by writing a book review, presenting an overview of the creative process and offering ideas to consider when setting an intention.  Today’s post explores the importance of focusing your attention on the intention.

Attention acts like a magnet that draws the energy of the intention to you.  Maintaining attention builds energy that brings the non-physical energetic template of the intention into physical form.  Factors related to holding attention on the intention include:

  • your vibrational frequency as you direct your attention
  • the constancy of your focus and
  • your ability to maintain balance

The vibrational frequency refers to the emotional and mental state you experience as you focus your attention.  Vibrational frequency has already been discussed in the March 26, 2017 post related to the thoughts and feelings experienced when setting the intention.  Vibrational frequency also influences the quality of your attention.  For example, when I feel lack based on the knowing that I want something I do not have, this emotion becomes a magnet that attracts more lack.  An alternate response is to choose joy, understanding that achieving my desire will enhance my joy.  This distinction may sound challenging or inconsequential.  However, from an energetic viewpoint, lack is like barren ground compared to the fertile soil of joy.

In addition to addressing the emotional state, it is important to maintain high-frequency thoughts.  These include ideas such as abundance, appreciation, balance, beauty, capability, compassion, cooperation, creativity, ease, fairness, harmony, laughter, oneness, open-heartedness, peace, playfulness, radiance, reverence for all life, self-empowerment, self-expression, sharing, spiritual development, understanding and vitality to name a few.  In his “Fundamental Tools,” Jim Self, the founder of Mastering Alchemy recommends establishing a foundation of certain, capable, senior, happy, gracious, and commanding as a platform for maintaining a stable, high-frequency vibrational state.[i]  Adopt his words or select your own to activate thought patterns that energize the quality of your attention.

In addition to setting a high vibrational frequency, you must also maintain constant attention on your intention.  This involves steadiness of attention as well as steadfast openness to receive.  Variables that interrupt attention include doubt, contradictory or controlling input from others, distractibility, multiple interests that dilute your focus and your own inner critic.  When you notice interrupting influences, return your attention to your intention.

Elements that interfere with the capacity to receive are feelings such as fear or unworthiness and mistaken beliefs such as feeling fundamentally flawed, thinking that success means you must leave others behind or believing that success is a burden.  Steadfast openness to receive draws your intention to you just as gravity draws raindrops from a mountain top to the sea.  Gay Hendricks, in his book The Big Leap, describes ways to unravel and move beyond many of the elements that interfere with your capacity to receive.[ii]

Finally, it is important to maintain balance while holding attention on the intention.  Just as golf requires a balanced swing to avoid a hook or slice, balance helps us reach the target of the desired outcome.  One way to achieve balance is to maintain equilibrium between action and stillness/allowing.  Allowing will be described in more detail in the May blog post titled, “Creating: Receiving What the Universe Brings.”

There is no formula for maintaining attention on the intention.  Instead we must constantly observe our feelings, thoughts and attention points.  When needed, we must adjust these factors to maintain alignment with our desired outcome.   If you want assistance creating with precision, joy and confidence, email me at

[i] Self, J.  Fundamental Tools 9. Words. Mastering Alchemy.

[ii] Hendricks, G.  (2010).  The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.  New York: Harper Collins.

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Bringing the Dream to Life: Setting an Intention

Last month, when I wrote about the creative process, I indicated that it involves five steps:

Setting an intention

Focusing your attention on your intention

Letting go of control and allowing the process to unfold

Receiving what the Universe brings and

Giving thanks

Continuing that focus, today’s post explores the details of setting an intention.  This step involves:

Identifying thoughts and emotions related to the desired outcome

Strengthening attitudes, beliefs and feelings that are aligned with your vision and

Adjusting or eliminating incongruent ideas and sentiments

It is necessary to examine your thoughts and emotions because they generate an electromagnetic field that influences the experience you wish to create.  Thoughts are electrical (think of the electroencephalogram that measures electrical impulses in the brain).   Emotions are magnetic (consider the electromagnetic energy generated by the heart).  Together, they produce an electromagnetic field in your energetic system.  Thinking strengthens electrical energy.  Activating strong emotions and combining them with your thoughts increases the force of the electromagnetic field.  Over time, the field increases in density until your desired experience comes to life.

Attitudes, beliefs and feelings always generate an electromagnetic field.  When we hold ideas and emotions that are aligned with the desired outcome, they create a stable, coherent field that supports our intentions.  When we activate thoughts and feelings that are incongruent with the desired outcome, some energies cancel each other while others combine to create extremes that introduce a distortion or wobble in the field.  This disturbance interferes with our intentions.

For example, it is my intention to support my clients as they more fully embody their wholeness.  If I hold thoughts of being incapable or unworthy, my energy vibrates with an energy signature of limitation that restricts my ability to provide effective support.  These conditions prevent the vision from coming into form.  Even when the sense of unworthiness lies outside of my conscious awareness, it continues to reverberate in my field and influence my work with clients.

As another example, if I recognize past successes yet maintain a low-level feeling of being incapable or unworthy, this combination of thoughts and feelings introduces a different energy signature.  Now, rather than limiting my capacity to create my desire, the dissonance between past success and underlying unworthiness creates a wobble in my creation.  Like a vase spinning unevenly on a pottery wheel, my healing practice will be unbalanced, inconsistent and unstable.  I must align my desire, thoughts, feelings and actions to maintain the conditions needed to bring my dream to life.

The process of setting an intention is the foundation for bringing your dreams to life.  The essential ingredient is a strong coherence between the intention and your thoughts and emotions.  If you want assistance clarifying your thoughts and emotions, strengthening the ones that align with your intention and adjusting or eliminating incongruent beliefs and feelings, email me at

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Bringing the Dream to Life: An Overview of Creating

dream-catcher-by-jaime-handley-on-unsplash-comWhen you think of creating what comes to mind?  Perhaps you picture making something out of nothing or combining seemingly unrelated things or ideas in new ways.  You might envision the work of artists, musicians and designers and imagine that they are more creative than other people.  However, when we look closely, we recognize that everyone creates.  We craft our lives, form relationships and activate states of being whether or not we are aware of doing so.  Being conscious of the creative process stabilizes our creations, accelerates our progress and enhances our precision in manifesting our dreams.

This post explores the creative process in order to bring unconscious patterns into conscious awareness.  Ideally your creations align with the will of Creator.  While you can create outside of Divine Will, you do so from a 3rd dimensional perspective of duality and conditionality and these constructs limit your creations.  To create within a higher dimensional consciousness, you must be in a state of well-being, respect, cooperation, fairness, balance, harmony and reverence for all life.  These qualities naturally align you and your desires with Creator’s will and they offer a more expansive range of possible outcomes.

The process of creating involves five steps:

Setting an intention

Focusing your attention on your intention

Letting go of control and allowing the process to unfold

Receiving what the Universe brings you

Giving thanks

Upcoming posts will explore these steps more deeply.

The awareness that I am a creator changes how I engage with life.  I no longer react to problems and events.  Instead, I view circumstances as a mirror reflecting an energetic pattern that vibrates in my energy field.  Irritations and problems reveal the presence of a pattern that limits me.  I can shift my thoughts, feelings, words, actions and beliefs to create a new pattern that activates different outcomes.  With each alteration in my internal landscape, I intentionally create a different energy pattern.  Every adjustment brings me closer to the joy and well-being that I dream for my life.

What is the dream you desire to bring to life?  As an unnamed Disney employee reminds us, “If you can dream it, you can create it!”[1]

If you want assistance in creating with precision, joy and confidence, email me at


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The Artist’s Rule: A Book Review

book-cover-the-artists-ruleThe New Year brings the opportunity to simultaneously expand and focus our awareness. I have chosen creativity as the star that will guide my soul’s navigation through 2017. In light of that choice, I am reviewing Christine Valters Paintner’s book, The Artist’s Rule.

My experience of reading Paintner’s book reminds me of my excitement the first time I watched “The Wizard of Oz” on a color television. I had already seen the movie many times and I knew the story by heart. Nevertheless, I was awe-struck when the scenes in Kansas, which were filmed in black and white, burst into brilliant reds, yellows and greens as Dorothy lands in the new world of Oz.

Similarly, in The Artist’s Rule, the familiar subjects of creativity and spirituality explode into a kaleidoscope of connections when the reader enters the liminal space where these topics converge. Paintner achieves this effect as she quotes and comments on the understandings of artists, poets, mystics, psychologists, theologians, Scriptures and other wisdom traditions.

The book, which reads like a stimulating conversation with a soul friend, “began as an online course called Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist.” (p. 3.) It maps a twelve-week journey that blends sparkling elements of creativity with rich values of spirituality. The bones of the book are practices such as contemplation, praying the hours, obedience, humility, hospitality, community, asceticism and service. Paintner fleshes out the content with teachings from Celtic and Cherokee traditions, insights from early Christian, desert fathers and mothers and the intelligence of the Earth’s seasons.

After discussing contemporary perspectives on ancient wisdom, each chapter offers contemplative practices that include questions for reflection and a reading to ponder. Then Paintner presents two creative explorations, generally using visual and written forms, with some opportunities for movement. Rather than focusing on artistic products, the exercises foster transformation. Paintner encourages the reader to “give yourself permission to make ‘bad’ art. By ‘bad,’ I simply mean art that is purely for self-exploration . . . and for honoring the beauty found in truthfulness.” (p. 103) This style of artistic play can uncover the splendor that dwells in our sacred depths. Poetic gems from participants in the online class shimmer at the end of each chapter. The structure of every creative activity provides support for timid novices while launching bold oficionados.

Written for those interested in spirituality and creativity, Paintner’s book cultivates awareness of “the sacred presence beating through the heart of the world.” (p. 16) Readers can enjoy the book from cover-to-cover, or by engaging with random excerpts. They can be successful alone or in a group. Perhaps they will find that the content, reflections and creative explorations carry them over the rainbow to the place where “the monk and the artist are one.” (p. 161)

Happy New Year and Kunghei fatchoy! What star will you choose to guide your soul’s navigation through 2017?

The Artist’s Rule: A Twelve-Week Journey Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom by Christine Valters Paintner; Notre Dame, IN: Sorin Books, 2011; 173 pages

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Song of Creation: A Children’s Tale

My gift to you this holiday season is a fable that I wrote to delight the child in your heart.  May you receive it with the wonder and joy of childhood.

This tale begins long ago, before the era of time, in the realm from which all creation is born.  The sovereign caretakers of this empire are a playful magician and a powerful priestess.  Their daughter, Amore, is a curious, creative and happy child.  Her laughter bubbles like the brooks that dance throughout this glorious land.

Amore loves beauty in all its forms.  Each morning, she bathes in streams of light that paint the sky.  She perfumes herself with the pungent, spicy and sweet fragrances that waft from the grasses, trees and flowers.  Then she braids her heart with ribbons of sound from the choirs of insects and animals.  Finally, she adorns herself in a rainbow of colors that mirrors the radiance of the Universe.

One day as Amore wove whispers of waves and sighs of sprites into the beats of her heart she wondered how she might imitate their playful harmonies.  She imagined an instrument whose sounds would sparkle like sunlight on dew.  Amore gathered crystals, gems and stones.  She shattered the rocks, placed the treasured shards in a long, glass tube and sealed the ends of the cylinder.  When Amore tilted or twirled the tube, the colorful fragments tumbled into each other.  They tinkled and chimed and the delicate sounds mesmerized Amore.  The glistening stones tickled her imagination and their gentle murmurs warmed her heart.  She called her invention a vibralux because of its pleasing pulsations of shimmering sound and colored light.

Amore played her vibralux every day.  She learned to tip the tube at a sharp angle to create the crashing waves of an angry storm.  She whirled the instrument to imitate the whine of a worried wind.  With gentle shaking, she replicated the contented sigh of a leaf caressed by a breeze.  Amore skillfully mimicked Nature’s melodies and over time she realized that these refrains were more than mere tunes.  They were the language of Creation.

Amore shared her insight with her parents.  They confirmed her discovery and told her more.  They said that now that Amore could communicate with Creation, she had the power to expand the world.  They told her that as she converses with the Cosmos, her ideas come into form and bring forth even more of Creation.

Amore was delighted to imagine that she could partner with Creation.  She wrote love songs.  She composed music for mourning.  She designed sounds to accompany every emotion.  And she found that her parents were right.  As the frequencies of her vibralux oscillated outward, Creation expanded to embrace the beauty of her handiwork.   In fact, it is the music of Amore’s vibralux that fuels our expanding Universe.  She plays all the time.  As she plays, light, color and sound swell outward in ever-larger circles.  The tones flow through all that is and Creation responds by appreciating and calling forth more.  Sometimes the tumbling stones sound the birth of a healthy child.  Sometimes the sharp tones accent the pain of losing a loved one.  Sometimes fragments rub against each other and grate like an abrasive co-worker.  Always, Amore plays the melodies of our lives.  Always, our souls are shaped by and echo the tones resonating from Amore’s vibralux at the center of All That Is.

May 2017 be a year in which your soul partners with Creation to expand the sense of delight, wonder and joy on our planet.

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Responding to the Election: Be the Change You Wish to See

donald-trumpNow that Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States, fear and anger saturate the hearts of many people, world-wide.  A Trump presidency threatens Muslims, Jewish people, refugees, immigrants, African-Americans, people living with disabilities, individuals who rely on social services, women who have suffered sexual assault and many, many others.  How can we, as individuals, make a difference and stand against Trump’s divisiveness?

This post offers two possible responses.  Both require taking responsibility for our unhealed aspects of self.  One promotes personal integration and the other supports systemic transformation.

William Lee Rand, a Reiki healer and founder of the Reiki Membership Association recently wrote an article titled, “Dealing with the United States Election.”  He focuses on personal healing, reminding us that:

[w]hen a negative event affects us, it tends to re-stimulate unresolved emotional distress that we have stored inside. This unresolved distress was often created long ago and was added to by [sub]sequent negative experiences that we were not able to heal at the time. Shoving them deep inside ourselves was the only way we knew to respond to them. Even though we may not be fully aware of them most of the time, they still have a negative effect on our lives and lower the level of health, well-being and vitality we experience. The re-stimulation of these old feelings that were hidden from our awareness causes them to rise to the surface of our emotions where they can be more easily healed. By looking at the current political situation in this way, we can use it positively to move forward with our own healing and by doing so, become better able to healthily address the resulting changes taking place in the world around us.[i]

In contrast to Rand’s perspective, the healer and author Monica McDowell describes a process that transforms systems.  McDowell knows what it’s like to stand against tyranny.  She came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against a minister who is very much like our President-elect.  McDowell tells her story in her book, My Karma Ran Over My Dogma.[ii]

Paraphrasing McDowell’s experience, she indicates that:

our outer circumstances and relationships mirror our inner world.  Every time I criticized something in the presbytery, I knew it reflected something in me.  I had to find that aspect in myself, no matter how small, and offer it compassion.  When I could find the piece in me and see why I had acted that way at some time in the past, then I could understand and feel compassion toward those who were perpetuating the abuse.  As soon as I healed that part of myself, I would get a phone call or a letter or some other indication that the system had also shifted.

To heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.  If you are feeling helpless, hopeless or overwhelmed by current events, you might consider scheduling an appointment with me, another healer or a mental health professional who can support you as you release unresolved emotional pain.  Or, as McDowell suggests, you might look into the mirror of societal conditions and direct compassion to your inner shadow.  Either approach allows you to “be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).[iii]  You, as an individual, CAN make a difference!

[i] Rand, W. L. (2016). Dealing with the United States Election.

[ii] McDowell, M. (2007).

[iii] Gandhi, M. (1942).

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Chaos Theory Offers Insights into Our Political Process

donald-trumpConfusion and chaos flood the current election process in the United States.  Chaos theory reminds us that unpredictable patterns can evolve into a new state of stability, for example, as when drops are added to chemicals to form a different compound.  What if the instability we are witnessing in the American political system signifies a transition to a more balanced and effective form of government?

hillary-clintonUsing insights from chaos theory to illuminate the process of political change, it seems that the “starting compound” consists of governmental structures that are built on an unbalanced foundation of hidden influences and policies that support the wealthiest members of our nation.  Drop by drop, Americans are destabilizing the old system.  Little by little, people are speaking out against unethical actions that have been common practice.  One by one, WikiLeaks is revealing eddies of corruption.  More and more, people are challenging hate, interrupting exclusion and reaching out to those who are marginalized.

It takes each one of us, as a member of the collective, to bring the new reality to life.  As we prepare to vote, we must consider both our individual interests and the needs of the greater community.  As we choose the direction we dream for our country and world, we must intend the highest good.  Doing so invites the Universe to work with us even when the fullness of the Divine outcome is beyond our view.

The following invocation calls forth Divine Government for our nation.  It is from the Era of Peace website co-founded by the internationally known teacher, Patricia Cota-Robles and the author and presenter, Kay Eileen Meyer.[i]  If you feel called to do so, please affirm these words every day from now until November 11th when the 11/11 portal opens.  On that day, currents of Universal energies stream to the Earth and swell our individual efforts to bring forth a government that embodies cooperation, peace, harmony and reverence for all life.  Even though change won’t happen instantly, the old structure has been disrupted and a transition is underway!

Call For Divine Government

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I invoke…

My Father-Mother God and the great Beings of Light associated with cocreating Divine Government on this blessed Planet. I also invoke the Mighty Archangels and the Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

Blessed Ones, blaze the most intensified frequencies of Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God in, through and around every person involved with the governments of Earth in any way. I ask that you exponentially expand this Divine Light within the Heart Flame of every man and woman running for office in the USA at national, state or local levels. 

Now Beloved Legions of Light, blaze these intensified frequencies of Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom in, through and around every single registered voter in the United States of America. Awaken the entire electorate to the profound opportunity at hand and Enlighten every person to the profound Truth that it is time for Divine Government to manifest NOW!

Let each person tangibly feel and experience the Power, Love and Wisdom of our Father-Mother God flowing through their Heart Flame as they vote for each candidate and all of the issues before them.

I now invoke the I AM Presence of every person who will be elected during this Presidential election season and all of those who are presently serving at national, state or local levels to take full dominion of that person’s thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories. Help that person to hear and to listen to the “still small voice within” that will guide him or her unerringly toward the fulfillment of the unfolding Divine Plan for this sweet Earth.

Now Beloved Ones, SEAL the Activity of Light I have invoked this sacred and holy day in the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame anchored within my Heart and the Heart of every person on Earth. Expand this Activity of Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousand fold until Planet Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have God Victoriously completed our Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

Now through all Realms of Consciousness I decree:


And so it is, Beloved I AM.



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