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Keep Your Energy Flowing in Relationships

In September I focused on the concept of keeping energy moving, like oil on canvas, as I introduced Donna Eden’s Daily Routine to support the physical body.  Today I am expanding this perspective by exploring energy flow within relationships.  I … Continue reading

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Ocean of Emotion: Maintaining Serenity Amid Waves of Fear

Like waves in the ocean, currents of anxiety combine with frustration, grief and worry and crest in larger and larger swells of fear and anger that wash over everyone on the planet. How do we maintain emotional stability when we are constantly pummeled by this ocean of emotion? Continue reading

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How Bright Is Your Rainbow — Caring for the Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the subtle body—a deeper dimension of our being that gives rise to our physical form.  Chakras were introduced in 8th century Buddhist teachings and they have been described in ancient Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and Himalayan … Continue reading

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